Sunday, November 28, 2010

The final push!

Hello all

Just a quick update as we now turn the corner and head for the home straight going ho ho ho all the way.

If you're here and wondering whether to buy your Christmas cards from us, can I mention a few final things that might help you make that decision?

The cards are seriously good quality - better even than last year for card thickness, laminosity (not a real word) and envelopicity (that is a real word).

The cards are designed by the Financial Times pocket cartoonist (a parent at the school) and they are very, very funny.

100% of all profits goes to help Meridian Primary School in Greenwich. This is a fabulous local community school - and in these straightened times of funding cuts they appreciate (and need) every penny that the Friends of Meridian School can raise.

To be clear: We are selling each pack of 6 cards + envelopes for only £3 per pack. Our printing costs are £1 per pack, so it means that £2 from every sale goes straight to the Friends of Meridian School.

If you live within the SE10 postcode we'll also deliver the cards to you for free!

Taken from the press release for this year's cards:

Last year’s collection raised over £2,500 in profits for the school, which went towards developing a nature garden, pond and vegetable patches, which the children have put to good use growing their own! This year, the money will be put towards a computer fund to buy 32 specially adapted laptops.

If you'd like to order the cards, you can do so from the pull down menu on the right of this blog.

And finally... HAPPY CHRISTMAS.


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