Friday, October 2, 2009

Selling Christmas Cards online!

Well, that's an amazing achievement. It turns out that with absolutely no coding knowledge whatsoever, it's been possible to add a button on the side of this blog that says ADD TO CART.... and which will allow anyone in the world to buy our Charity Christmas Cards and enter their card details / address / etc. so that we can then send the cards out to them.

This is a stunningly impressive thing to be able to do - considering that it's cost me zero pence so far (either for the blogger feed or for the Paypal invoice page-y thing) - however, there is a mild downside. I presume that Paypal will take a tiny cut from each pack of 6 christmas cards sold.

This is rather frustrating, but seeing as I seem to have created a Meridian Charity Christmas Card Shop for free, I suppose it's no more than a mild frustration. Anyway, I'll go and see if I can find out how much Paypal will fleece our Primary School for the privelege of processing any payments. Shall report back if I can....

(This is all very exciting. I wonder if we'll even sell 1 set of cards through this site?)

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